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April 23,2012

What an honour and a privilege it is to work with Robin J. Elliott!
We have been involved with his joint ventures since 2009, and have side income coming in on a regular basis.  It is great to learn that a great deal of our profits come from the “back end”, and not the front end.
By implementing just some of the things that Robin teaches, we are enjoying a steady side income form joint ventures.
Robin has opened our eyes to the possibilities of what can be achieved through the power of joint ventures.  We have learned that he teaches what he does, himself. What a pleasure working with Robin and other people of integrity that we have met through our association with him.
Many thanks to Robin. He is our friend and mentor.

Rodger & Christine Till
Memro Management Group

April 15,2012

“I met Robin J. Elliott in 2004 at a business function. In 2008 I went to one of his full day workshops and learned a ton. The strategies are simple, from negotiating to added value strategies.  I applied few of the strategies that I learned and doubled my revenues 3 years in a row, then open new branches across Canada.

I recommend meeting with Robin to learn how to add value, establish your unique selling proposition, improve your negotiation skills and sales skills, maximize existing marketing strategies to improve profits, build yourself on-going revenues, and much more.”

Lucie Woods
SalesPartners Worldwide

January 30, 2012

“I have had the opportunity to work with Robin Elliott of www.dollarmakers.com over the last two months. During this time he has been a weekly support to me as a Business Coach. He has provided me with both contacts and a number of insights with a focus on marketing initiatives, joint ventures and solid business strategies. I have found him to be innovative, direct and committed to the principle of results; he wants me to make more money and that is what it is all about isn’t it? I recommend Robin highly and I am happy to offer this testimonial as to why.”

Estrellita Gonzalez



January 28, 2012

“Robin gave me a new perspective of my business and personal life. He thinks out of the box.

His focus on dealing with solutions rather than focus on problems has a positive effect in getting the job done. I highly recomend Robin for his deep insight and simplicity to provide solutions in our complex world.”

Ken K.S. Chahal, Managing Director, AdXperts


Nov. 4,  2011
Dear Robin,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your wisdom, your knowledge and your experience via the numerous books, websites, blogs and seminars you put on.  Joint Adventures was one of the most engaging and most-difficult books I’ve ever read.  I only say “difficult” because it was tough getting through it – I was constantly putting it down, grabbing a notebook and scribbling out plans for new directions and new opportunities that were in front of me, yet for years remained unseen.

The very first week after reading your book, I was able to see an opportunity in front of me and immediately recognized it as having been one of literally hundreds that I had not noticed in several years in business.  By following through on the content you provided, I was able to add over a quarter million dollars in revenue to my business – all with no risk, absolutely zero cost to me, and using very little time to materialize it.

I have set up a few more joint venture arrangements in the years since and continue to prosper from your teachings.  Your words, wise as they may be, are like anything else – without having them put into motion, they remain simply words.  However if anyone learning your information decides to act upon the ideas, there is literally nothing to lose and no limit to what can be gained.

I wholeheartedly recommend your materials to any serious entrepreneur.  When you announced your mentorship program, I didn’t even bother asking what all was involved or how much it cost.  Even without a particular business challenge at-hand, just knowing I have you as a trusted resource is money in the bank.

Thanks for sharing your ideas and making the economy a better place,

Greg Douglas
Owner & President
Douglas Environmental


Luke Avedon, Irvine, California – October 2011

“I always thought that to be in business for myself I would first need tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to buy a business.  Or I would have to learn a trade and start a service business from the ground up.
I imagined I would have to spend every waking moment delivering the service or product, managing employees, haggling with vendors—and most depressing of all—paying enormous bills to maintain a huge overhead.
Luckily, Robin taught me all I had to do was joint venture deals.  All I had to learn was what to ask for and how to ask.
You really can make deals with other businesses all you have to do is ask.
It’s invaluable to have someone like Robin, who has actually done it, show you the way.  Robin has saved me countless days of frustration (and continues to do so) by telling me exactly what works and what does NOT work.
He is an extremely caring teacher who really takes the time to point you in the right direction.  He might not always tell you what you want to hear but he will always be honest with you.  He will shortcut your path to success.
Please let any of your prospects know they can call me at 424-354-8171 or e-mail me at lavedon@gmail.com if they have any questions about working with you.  I am always happy to vouch for you Robin.”
Luke Avedon
Irvine, CA 92612
I offer FREE Procurement Serivces for small and large companies.  I work primarily with “Special Buys” and “Bargain Deals” and can save you money on your purchase(s) of merchandise, supplies, raw materials, equipment, machinery or fixtures. 


Liza Lee , Vancouver, 2011

I want to thank you and Robin for the JV training bootcamps I took in 2010. Here’s an example of how it helped me.
One of my JVs in 2010 worked out in commercial real estate building listing in downtown Vancouver. My commercial realtor friend gave me an agreed percentage of his commissions this spring. This helped me put a downpayment on a new condo in East Vancouver. So I moved in June and have been enjoying it. :-)


Dick Low – Vancouver, BC 

September, 2011: I met Robin back in May 2009 after going through many ideas and so-called guru’s. Robin’s no-nonsense approach and guidance taught me strategies that I now apply within my own business and has proven itself over and over. Some strategies work within my business; others will not. The key to using Robin’s strategies do not lie with using any one particular strategy, but to use multiple variations in order to ensure success. I’m extremely grateful to have met someone of Robin’s character. Not only do I consider himself a mentor, but also a friend. Thanks for all you do and for who you are!


Ryan Ossevorth – Edmonton, AB

Over $100,000 In Revenues In Just a Few months…

I just wanted to let you know how much good you are doing in the world with your message.

I was hesitant after attending my first Dollarmakers seminar in reading Atlas Shrugged. You waiving the largest copy on record at the time I think.  I am an avid reader and even I hesitated for two years before taking it on.  After reading that, I immediately started on The Fountainhead.

Books aside, I would like to say how much good has come into my life as a result of finding the words you promote.

Taking to heart Ayn Rand, Joint Ventures and the application of the Dollarmakers philosophy I was able to joint venture two fledging businesses from hand to mouth to over $100,000.00 in revenues in less than a few months.  Anyone who says that joint ventures Don’t work isn’t doing it right.

I would just like to say what a difference and lasting impact your words have made not only monetarily but philosophically as well.

This is a metaphorical pat on the back, but moreso a heartfelt Thank You for the hard work you have put in.


Pratima Ramlall – Edmonton,  AB

Quadrupled Our Business

We have been applying joint venture principles to our business model, and in a short period have quadrupled our business and increased our income quite a bit.


Tas MorfopoulosTas Morfopoulos Sterling Water Systems – Vancouver, Canada

Over $640,000 in One Year Using Joint Ventures

“Within this circle I have given liberally of my time where I could help and have enjoyed great reward. Since handing over my $247 USD membership last year to Robin I have seen $470,000 in cash coming to my company, $100,000 in new business flowing to another member company and an additional $80,000 in contracts issued by my company to members.

Joint venturing works. I’ve found that being interested in people rather then trying to be interesting myself opens doors to business and opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

I’ve had fun with Robin Elliott and made money – lot’s of it.

He has demonstrated time and time again the ability to make something out of nothing – and that is the definition of Create!”



Dr. Kumar Ramlall, BSc,MD,FRCPC,FAAP,FCCP (Ped. Resp) Edmonton AB

Saved Over $125,000 in One Year with Joint Ventures

Dear Robin,

I wanted to thank you for your efforts on behalf of all Dollarmaker members. I would like to tell you of one circumstance whereby the information you provided saved my family up front costs of $125,000, provided us with an income of $50,000/year, and passive income from the business of $30,000/year. More importantly, the income from this medical facility has allowed me to stop being on-call on nights and weekends, and to spend more time with my family, other businesses, and our passion for helping parents help their own children. The patients, my partners, and my family are all delighted.

I am a Respiratory Specialist Physician and based on patient need was going to set up a medical laboratory in my field. My family was going to put out the upfront capital and was going to pay for a location, advertising, and operational costs for this business along with dealing with the uncertainty as to whether our facility was going to be a preferred provider compared to other services available. My wife attended one of your Bootcamps 101 alone as I was at work and she purchased your workbook. I read the material that very night and decided to make some big changes to my proposal.

In exchange for profit which I was going to have to share anyway, I negotiated that since I had intellectual capital, qualification, and a track record of being able to set up this facility, that the other partners should put up the money and that I should be paid a consultation fee. In return, the patients of the partners would have first access (a tremendous advantage in the setting of limited resources) and the partners would have equity share. They agreed and this led to the current agreement and the results listed above.

The power of a different way of thinking, information, and action are incredible. Thank you very much.


Patrick GiesbrechtPatrick Giesbrecht – Abbotsford, BC

Changed the Way I Do Business

Robin Elliott’s teaching has changed the way I do business. I used to think building a business was risky and expensive. Robin showed me how to build my business using no money and no risk; just some time . Not only did I get to meet some winners by going to the boot camp, Robin has continued to take an interest in my success often taking time to respond to my queries. By adding just 1 of his strategies to my experience, IN MY EXISTING BUSINESS, I make an additional $5000 per month. It’s not completely work free; I still put in about 8 hours per month maintaining it.

Not everything I have tried has worked, and a couple have outright failed; but in spite of that within 7 months of attending his boot camp I was financially free. The point is that besides the initial cost of the boot camp there was no risk whatsoever. I highly recommend anyone looking to take the risk out of business and increase your profits attend this next boot camp. I’ll be there!



David Dubeau – Kamloops, BC

How a “Redneck” from Ft. St. John went from $0 to $60,000 per month in Just 18 Months.

It required no big investment, very little advertising and no expensive equipment or warehousing.

It started with an idea.

Though I was born and raised right here in BC, for quite a few years, I bounced around Central America and eventually settled in Costa Rica where I married my beautiful wife Susy and had two children, a boy and a girl. In 2003, out of concern for our children, we decided to move back to BC and eventually settled in Kamloops. At first, it was a little difficult to get started again. In Costa Rica, I had founded a very large English-As-A-Second language school, catering to local companies that needed to have their staff learn English for international travel.

But I had a hard time in Canada. I got into “creative” real estate and flipped a few properties, I tried my hand in the advertising business and started a marketing consulting business, but things weren’t great by any means. There never seemed to be enough money in the bank account. I felt like a loser.

I tried to keep the financial situation away from my wife, but she wasn’t stupid. We argued constantly about the situation. There were times I even felt like just giving up.

In desperation, I searched high and low for a solution… Anything to get me out of the tens of thousands of dollars of debt and away from the feeling that I was a failure.

One day, almost by accident, the solution appeared as if by magic. An invitation to attend a one-time-only seminar featuring a fellow named Robin J. Elliott.

He promised to introduce a series of techniques that would allow anybody to create a lot of income quickly with a minimum amount of investment.

Frankly, I was a little skeptical, but decided to try anyways. I charged my credit card (once more) for the $1,000 it cost, and did the 9 hour round trip to Vancouver to attend.

I’m so glad I did because I picked up one idea that would completely change my life.

Over the past two years, this one, single idea has helped me create a business that regularly brings in over $60,000 a month.

This one single idea has given me a whole new lease on life. It has completely eliminated my debt, allowed me to put together a good sized investment portfolio, and best of all, has stopped all money arguments with my wife.

We now live in a beautiful 3-story house overlooking Kamloops, I’m able to drive my kids to school in the morning and then head over to my office – just a 5-minute drive away. After a good day of work, I get to go home to spend some quality time with the family in the evenings.


Raul Urrutia

The greatest tragedy in life is not death, there is something greatest than death,

Not knowing what is stopping you is a tragedy,

Not knowing what is frustrating you that is a disaster,

Even worst knowing what is making you sad, bitter, anger, frustrate and not doing anything about it, That is a Real Tragedy, that is a Real Misfortune.

I strongly urge you to read this book BREAK FREE before any other book about business. You must to BREAK FREE. Do yourself a favor and play full out with every single exercise Mr. Robin tell you to do. That’s what I did.

I want this book affect you so much and so positively that you will be unable to stop telling everybody to read it.

Break free, happy and successful
Thank you Mr. Robin,
Raul Urrutia


One of the best seminars I have ever attended! Robin bypasses all of the “fluff” and provides realistic steps to achieving financial success! A very inspiring day!
Ken Uzoaba – Ottawa, ON


“My wife and I have already made a substantial amount within 3 ½ weeks with this program and I had not even taken the Bootcamp at that point.
After taking the Bootcamp I can just imagine what I and my wife Cathie will be doing in future. I expect to make $20,000 per month extra using this information.”

Rene Vincent, President, RJV Enterprises.


To Whom it May Concern

This letter serves to confirm that I have known Robin Elliott since October 2003.

I have regular contact with him as I purchased a printing and promotional products operation from him during December 2003.

While in negotiations with Robin I found him to be very knowledgeable regarding the businesses that he had and also extremely well informed as to the Canadian market place.

During these negotiations Robin was most helpful in guiding me in the purchase of my business venture. At no time did he put me under any pressure to buy and as a matter of fact, he encouraged me to explore all the other options that I was looking at. He was also most supportive in providing me with lots of information that aided me in my decision making.

Since purchasing the business I have received regular and ongoing support and encouragement from Robin. He regularly calls me and always follows up and delivers on any undertaking that he makes. He is a highly skilled and motivated person that thrives on using these skills to help the people that he comes into contact with.

I spent 25 years in the corporate financial world, and I can honestly say that I have never experienced such true, honest dedication and commitment from a person in the service industry.

Stuart Lategan, Carry On Marketing Enterprises Inc. Toronto


To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that I provide this reference commendation of Mr. Robin Elliott. I do this without any hesitation or equivocation. Mr. Robin Elliott is honest, a man of integrity and an advisor “par excellence.” He is a superb man of integrity and a most innovative entrepreneur. I have spoken with others about Mr. Elliott and they share this assessment of Mr. Elliott.

If you wish to contact me for further information, please do so.


Sam Sussman
Dr. Sam Sussman, Ph.D,
Fellow Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Assistant Professor of Psychiatry,The University of Western Ontario

World Association of Medical Editors (WAME)

President and CEO Physicians Canada


I have known Robin Elliott for 11 years. Robin made me aware of the potential to turn an in-house, high-tech print shop that I had put together into a national structured business opportunity. Robin assisted me throughout the development stage of the project with invaluable advice and inputs and, when it was ready to launch, personally canvassed the buyers of the first two PrintAffords. These two sales alone were worth in excess of $120 000 to me. PrintAfford now boast 29 business owners established in 6 provinces of South Africa. It would be hard to over estimate Robins share in my success, and impossible to put a realistic monetary value on his input. Enough said that PrintAfford has to date generated in excess of $2 million over the past 4 years. If It was not for Robin Elliott’s vision and encouragement, PrintAfford would never have come into existence.”

Marnus Roothman Managing Member PrintAfford SA


“A colleague whom I have come to know as a capable businessman – As an innovative business development specialist and trainer, I am confident that you will find your collaboration with him a productive undertaking.”
Earl W. Yates, Country Director, U.S. Peace Corps, Southern Africa


My husband and I opened up a new dental practice just over five years ago. He had already been a dentists for ten years; however, due to a medical condition, he had to sell his former practice and leave dentistry entirely for just over two years. When we started “ProActive Dental Studio” in 1999, we had no patients. We found a good, central location for our clinic, but were trying to find ways to build…

In 2001, I joined the Surrey Chamber of Commerce where I met Robin Elliott. I attended one of his marketing presentations, and was very impressed by his content and delivery of the information. I signed up for a complimentary consultation, and decided to hire Robin to help us with our image, service, and advertising models. He gave us innumerable ideas to help lift the profile of our dental studio, as well as very practical advice on how to keep patients happy. He helped us implement a great referral program, and encouraged many points of “positive contact”
with our patients. He challenged us to become the “premiere” dental facility in the region – a goal a goal which I believe we have achieved!

Robin has great depth of experience and knowledge in a number of fields.
He knows what works and what doesn’t. He knows where it is worthwhile to spend money, and where it is not to…

Although the success of the dental studio is based on many factors, I believe that Robin was the stimulus to get us all going. In five short years,. we are one of the top performing practices in the Lower mainland.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Robin to others in the dental profession. He is a man of utmost integrity, and delivers everything he promises.

Cheri L. Guze, BA, MBA
Manager – Proactive Dental Studio.


“My company consists of four tire and automotive service centers and we employ 60 people. We have been in business for 27 years and are well respected in our industry. Our customers become our friends. Robin has proven to be reliable, well organized and punctual. He is believable and worthwhile. I expect overall sales to increase by over 20 % to $10 million this coming year, much as a direct result of his systems, staff training, management training and input. I wish I had met Robin years earlier to have implemented training and improved our systems. Robin is up to date on the latest and best marketing trends. I have no trepidation and complete confidence in recommending Robin’s services to any business that is serious about significant growth without a high cost. Be a partner in a motivational experience!

M. Endersby


After my first meeting with Robin, I knew that he was the right choice to put together our Business Opportunity Licensing package. ($15,000).
He completely fulfilled everything that was promised and in fact went beyond what was expected of him. Not only did he give us a quality, first rate job but another aspect of the way Robin does business which I really appreciate is that he makes himself available at all times. The experience that we at Freedom Ventures have had with Robin is very positive. In fact what first started out as a consulting/marketing relationship has turned into a friendship of mutual respect and trust.
Thank you Robin.

Larry Schmidt President Freedom Ventures


If you are considering starting your own business you must read this book by Robin Elliott. And if you already have your own business and want to find new and risk free ways of growing it, buy this book and read it again and again. Robin will show you ways to get business that I had thought of but could not execute in my 14 years of business. In just two weeks since reading the book I have been able to implement the ideas with four separate clients with great success.

One deal alone will net my company $60K profit this year. Some books try to get you to buy the book with the title and then do not deliver. This book delivers. With many of the ideas that Robin gives you, you do not need any money or risk to implement them. I know it sounds impossible – I was skeptical as well – so I bought the book, read it, read it again, and then tested a few of the ideas that would cost no money. They worked
- I say the risk I have now is not using more of the ideas in the book.

The book is easy to read and you can and must read it again and again to get the ideas that you may have missed the first time you read it. Buy it, read it and make money with it.
Dan Murphy from San Diego, CA


“I have attended numerous seminars on a variety of subjects, but learned more in one hour from Robin Elliott than I have in other events which were several days in length. He is brilliant, totally professional and immensely entertaining. Subsequent to the meeting, Robin contracted to work for an organization with which I am closely affiliated. He has performed miracles in a very short span of time. He has a remarkable facility for helping people and businesses to become the best that they can be.”
Carrie Hunter
Executive Director
SilverStar Motion Picture Institute
Vancouver, B.C.


“A Rotarian for years, Charter Member of our club – one of the driving forces – member in good standing – we highly recommend him as an asset to any club.”
Terry Watkins, Secretary, Rotary Club of Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa