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Robin Elliott and his wife, Rika Elliott, started their business in 1987 in South Africa. In 1997 they immigrated to Canada (Vancouver), where they have continued to build their business based on Leverage and Collaboration. Their websites are DollarMakers.com and LeverageAdvantage.com. Robin’s main business is IPS Safety Inc.

Regardless of your circumstances, education, age, or background, and whether you own a business or not, you can use our systems to create financial freedom. If you do have a business, we can show you how to double your business profits.

Our Mission is to help people around the world how to use Joint Ventures and Collaboration to create financial freedom. We also provide access to tried and true, tested Joint Ventures that you can plug into – email us for the latest options robin@leverageadvantage.com

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with Joint Ventures. You will reap what you sow.

Robin J. ElliottRobin Elliott

Robin Elliott started helping individuals, professionals, and the owners of small and large businesses to use Joint Ventures to create financial freedom in 1987. He is the author of 15 books and he has presented seminars across North America, Africa, and the United Kingdom.

His academic background includes national certification in Work Study (Organization and Methods), Hotel Management, Sales Management, a BA in Theology, and Transactional Analysis and On-the-Job Training from Holiday Inn University.

He practices what he preaches and runs his business with no overhead, employees, cost, or risk, and he has retired twice. 95% of his income is from Joint Ventures, and only 5% comes from his coaching and speaking engagements.

His principal business, of which he owns 50%, is IPS Safety Inc. (http://IPSSafety.com) and the Incentive Program he uses is http://IPSGoodLife.com

He works with his wife of 30 years, Rika Elliott. They live happily in Vancouver, Canada, and they have four children and six grandchildren. Robin enjoys travel, reading, biking, hiking, downhill skiing, and kayaking.

Robin was a Finalist in the Ernst and Young “Against All Odds” Entrepreneurial Award and he won 11 International Sales Awards from Success Motivation International.

See also: http://robinjelliott.wordpress.com/

Rika ElliottRika Elliott

Rika Elliott – Rika (short for Frederika) Elliott was born in South Africa where she qualified as a teacher, with a post graduate degree in Minimal Brain Dysfunction (children with learning disabilities). She taught school for seventeen years and was a Head of Department at the Teachers’ Training College, where she was a lecturer. She was a Co-Director with her husband, Robin Elliott, in the Institute for Dynamic Development and ran her own company, Success Consultants, which specialized in personal development for women and children, before immigrating to Canada in 1997 and starting Elliott Enterprises Inc.

Her speciality and passion are working with women and children, helping them to reach their full potential. She ran the DollarMakers Women’s Club and presented Women’s Wealth Workshops in Canada and the United Kingdom, teaching women how to use Joint Ventures to gain financial freedom.

Rika was a Finalist Women of Worth Award, Leader of the year 2010.